Week 15: Time for an update

You are probably fed up with pictures of foundations so I will only include a few this week.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the steel (due on Tuesday now).  The museum is now hidden behind graphics showing some of the objects that will be out on display when we reopen next summer.  If … Continue reading Week 15: Time for an update


Week 14: The tale of a table

Sometimes things just happen and you have to drop everything.  Even in the middle of a massive project like our new extension there have been a few occasions when I have had to focus on something completely different, and that was the case with the Landkey Parish Table. "If ever there was a piece of … Continue reading Week 14: The tale of a table

Week 13: Unlucky for some?

It's 13 weeks into the build and we have a new site manager.  Mark Jordan (he's the one on the right) has replaced Clive, who had to leave for family reasons.  He was quite disappointed to leave us, as this is one of the first Barnstaple sites he has been responsible for and he live … Continue reading Week 13: Unlucky for some?

Week 12: 30 years ago…

As we wait for the foundations to be finished and the steel to arrive (and oh! what a long wait it seems) I have been looking back at the Museum recent history.  The last time any major work was done to our building was in 1988-9 when the Council bought the old Athenaeum and began … Continue reading Week 12: 30 years ago…

Week 11: Laying the Foundations

Does anybody remember the Richard Scarry book "What do People do All Day"?  When I was a child I was fascinated by all the different skills and trades that kept a town going (albeit an American one).  Especially how to build a house! Over the last couple of weeks we have been watching men digging … Continue reading Week 11: Laying the Foundations

Week 10: Beautifying our Building

I mentioned a few weeks ago that artist Taz Pollard has started work on creating terracotta tiles to adorn the outside of our new extension.  This part of our project is funded separately by the Arts Council and was introduced to satisfy a planning condition that the outside of the building should reflect the North Devon … Continue reading Week 10: Beautifying our Building

Week 9: Bigger and better Exhibitions?

One of the things our extension project will be delivering is new temporary exhibitions galleries.  Our two new spaces measure 69 square metres (main gallery) and 31 square metres (community gallery).  They will also have the necessary temperature and humidity controls to enable us to borrow things from other museums around the country.  We have … Continue reading Week 9: Bigger and better Exhibitions?

Week 8: From Undersea World to Coast Explorers!

As the ground works continue outside we have been turning our attention to those bits of display that can be done before we get the extension in our hands.  One of the important areas is the new Undersea World, now to become a more interactive space called "Coast Explorers". While we want to keep the … Continue reading Week 8: From Undersea World to Coast Explorers!

Week 7: A Barnstaple Benefactor

This week I have been occupied in celebrating the 90th birthday of Keith Abraham, one of the museum's staunchest, and most generous supporters.  Keith is following in the footsteps of our founder, William Frederick Rock  in his generosity to the people of Barnstaple. Keith Noel Abraham was born in Hedge End, on the outskirts of … Continue reading Week 7: A Barnstaple Benefactor

Week 6: Time for a Party!

Even though we are only 6 weeks into our building programme, this week marked the half way point for our Pop-Up museum. Sadie, our Activity Plan Programme Coordinator, organised a party for all the people who have contributed stories and information about our five themes for the new Social History Gallery and 45 people came … Continue reading Week 6: Time for a Party!