21: Lethaby’s Legacy

One of our tasks at the Museum is to show off the products and creativity of North Devon people, and to inspire young people now to go out into the world and create wonderful things like the pottery and furniture made at Brannams and Shaplands in the past.  In our new extension we will be … Continue reading 21: Lethaby’s Legacy

20: Taz’s tiles

Those of you who follow our Facebook page will already know that this week we took some of our volunteers to see how work is progressing on the terracotta tile frieze that will run around the outside of our new wing. This is ceramic artist Taz Pollard demonstrating the amount of energy needed to fill … Continue reading 20: Taz’s tiles

10: Beautifying our Building

I mentioned a few weeks ago that artist Taz Pollard has started work on creating terracotta tiles to adorn the outside of our new extension.  This part of our project is funded separately by the Arts Council and was introduced to satisfy a planning condition that the outside of the building should reflect the North Devon … Continue reading 10: Beautifying our Building

3: You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

This week things really got moving!  Preparation had already taken place, mostly to create access to the building site area.  The builders have taken down a section of the listed garden railings and stored them for reinstatement later.  This means they can get bigger machines round the back of the museum building.     The … Continue reading 3: You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!