38: Exploring the coast

Back in Week 8 I wrote about our new Coast Explorers Gallery which is replacing the old, but very popular Undersea World.  The structure of the gallery is now all in place, and we are finalising the graphics.


The displays will enable people to find out more about the important marine and coastal habitats that make up the North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The additional funding from the AONB has enabled us to include a digital rockpool showing what happens to coastal creatures when the tide goes in and out.


The “Undersea World” is recreated as if you are in a submarine looking out at our leatherback turtle and other specimens.


And there are lots of drawers of specimens and extra information to explore.


The new gallery is going to be “tested” by children from Newport School, who have already given us some great ideas.  Their contributions will help us highlight the issues of plastic pollution of our precious marine environment. We’re hoping the new gallery will encourage our visitors to go out and discover the sea-shore for themselves as well as taking care of it.

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