Week 36: On shops…

One of the aims of our extension project is to earn a bit more money from the 75,000 or so visitors we hope will be coming to the museum each year.  We have no intention of charging people to come into the museum because we think that we are at least as much a community … Continue reading Week 36: On shops…


Week 35: Moving the table

In Week 14 I wrote about the Landkey Parish Table. Landkey Parish Table We managed to save this remarkable example of early Devon craftsmanship for North Devon by securing grant funding from the Beecroft Bequest.  We agreed with the trustees of the Landkey United Charities to buy it in advance of a proposed auction at Bonhams … Continue reading Week 35: Moving the table

Week 34: Mr.Pooley’s Car

Last September a man turned up at the museum with some great photographs.  His name was Roland Packer and he had recently acquired a little car, for restoration. We were immediately intrigued.  The little car was still on the DVLA database, registered as  "PP Special", the only one of its kind.           … Continue reading Week 34: Mr.Pooley’s Car