2: It’s all about the volunteers

This is Sadie, our Activity Plan Programme Coordinator.  Sadie’s job is to gather stories for the new Social History Gallery.  She has recruited new 14 Story Collecting volunteers – some repurposed from the old museum tea-room and shop, and some brand-new, and trained them up in collecting the stories that will be so important to bringing our new Social History Gallery to life.

Sadie with selfie frame

Sadie has also been recruiting Community Experts who have detailed knowledge about different parts of North Devon life.  So far we have 12 people, including retired doctors, nurses, Shaplands employees and councillors.

During Week 2 (2-6 July) Sadie also trained up some of the staff to be Story Collectors.  Adam, our Learning and Access Officer now has his desk in the Story Collecting Room at the Pop-Up museum, so that he can help catch those all important memories about living and working in North Devon.

Sam, our Museum Assistant, has also been recruiting and training volunteers.

Joy and David (above) are just two of the 22 volunteers who are helping us clean and prepare objects from our collections for display in obrannam.JPGur new gallery.

This week we took delivery of 34 boxes of pottery from the old C.H.Brannam factory museum, which we bought 10 years ago when the company ceased operating.  Over the next month or so our Ceramics Team will be unpacking, cataloguing and numbering all these items – they include experimental wares, half-made demonstration pieces and kiln accidents as well as finished pieces.

We now have 59 active volunteers in total – more than ever, and its great to see so much enthusiasm around the Pop-Up Museum.


Back at the old Museum we were finishing the clearing of all the parts of the museum that had to be emptied out before the demolition crews arrived the next week.  Three things that were to be demolished were the three tiny walls created only a couple of weeks before to help us (and the planners) agree on the type of brick to be used in the new extension.

photo 1

We picked option 1, by the way.

Next time:  Demolition!



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