The Journey Begins

Welcome to my new blog.  On such a lovely sunny day it feels a bit strange to be thinking about packing up and closing the Museum rather than working on a new exhibition for the summer season. But this is not a normal year – 30 years after the museum opened (and nearly 29 since I started working here) we are about to embark on the massive project that will transform our Museum into a much bigger and better building.

We are, after all, bursting at the seams!

museum done 2

The Long Bridge Wing Extension will increase our public floor area by a massive 70%, giving us a better tea-room and shop, a learning room, and a lift to the First Floor.  We will have two new temporary exhibition galleries, and a new Social History Gallery that will enable us to get many more of our objects out of storage.  We are collecting stories, images and ideas from people around North Devon to help us create this new display (and we’re already a little worried it won’t be big enough).

In this blog I will be keeping you up to date with the progress of the project, explaining some of the things we do and sharing some of the excitements and frustrations that will no doubt emerge as the work progresses.  I hope you enjoy it.


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